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About the Charity

Plateau State Community of United Kingdom (1112880) 31 January 2006 


General charitable purposes 

• the advancement of health or saving of lives 

• the prevention or relief of poverty 

• overseas aid / famine relief 

• human rights / religious or racial harmony / equality or diversity 


Charitable objects 

  1. the provision, in the interests of social welfare, of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation among members of the Nigerian community within the UK originating from plateau state, Nigeria, with the object of improving their conditions of life.

  2. The relief of poverty, hardship and distress and the preservation and protection of good health among the inhabitants of plateau state, Nigeria, by the provision of such financial or material support and assistance as the trustees shall from time to time determine 

  3. the improvement of educational development among the inhabitants of plateau state, of Nigeria, by the provision of educational equipment and teaching aids in schools from time to time or as the trustees may determine. 

Our Work Over the years 

Assisting plateau state communities with health and or medical equipment. Provision of medical equipment to hospitals and health centres in plateau state. Purchase and distribution of educational materials such as textbooks, computers and other educational aids to secondary schools in the state. The purchase and distribution of relief materials to victims of disaster and displacement in the state. 

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